Monday, April 6, 2009

one of those moments...

So I just had one of those moments. Those moments that any woman would understand because all of us have them from time to time. I'm talking about one of those moments where life just hits you in the face and you need to have a good cry. :) BUT to clarify it wasn't a cry of hurt or pain or even sadness it was of overwhelming joy. I was looking at my Mom's blog and just looking through some pictures and I got emotional. They were pictures of my two beautiful pictures and I couldn't help but cry for joy. The Lord has greatly blessed me and many times I take that for granted.

My older of my younger sisters, Lexie, I will say with a very grateful heart has become, within the last couple of years, my best friend. When we were younger we did not always get along. I always loved her very dearly but there were those moments when we fought like sisters that I was slightly frustrated by her. Ok, I'll admit....very frustrated! But within the last 3-4 years we have grown closer and closer and she has become a very very dear friend to me. I look forward to our conversations together and the time we can spend together. There are those phone calls that we have where we just open our hearts and tell each other everything that is there. Even those things we wouldn't tell anyone else. And I so praise the Lord for those times. She has such a gentle spirit, but she is very passionate about those things that she believes in and for that I look up to her.

My other little sister, while only being my "official" little sister for almost a year now feels as if she has been my precious baby sister forever!! When we began the adoption process I always wondered what it would be like when building that relationship. I never doubted that I couldn't or wouldn't love her, but I wondered how different it would be. But I have to tell you that the moment I first laid eyes on her sweet face as she arrived to the airport and she was home I absolutely fell in love. I love that precious girl so very much and it hurts so much sometimes that I can't see her and hug her and love her every day. But I praise the Lord for the times that we do have together and the sweet conversations I have with her on the phone. (Though for now, they generally consist of her singing her ABC's and hanging up on me!) :)

All this to say that I love my two sisters so very much. And in about 2 and a half months I will be getting married and have a new sister. I love Chelsea very dearly already and can not wait to continue to develop the relationship that we have already began. She is very precious to me and I am very proud to call her my sister.

And the last thing that I must write about that was kind of the straw that broke the camels back on the flood of tears was the song playing on my mom's blog. It is called "Where I Land" and it is by JJ Heller. When I listened to the words I just cried and cried. They reminded me perfectly of Blake and how I feel when I am with him. Here are the lyrics and I have it playing on my blog now as well!

Where I Land

You’re different from the way I thought you’d be
But here you are in front of me
So full of light I watch it overflow
A lovely mystery

And I am lost for words
You’re more than I deserve

You have a way of stirring up my soul
Did you know
When you hold me in your arms the way you do
It feels like coming home

And I am lost for words
You’re more than I deserve
And when I cannot stand
You are where I land

And when the years have stolen youth away
I will stay
You will be the keeper of my heart
Until my final day

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