Wednesday, April 29, 2009

need a job

I need a job. It's plain and simple, but very very true. I need a part time job that I can work at while I am in San Antonio from May 11-June 26 and I need a full time job when I move to Waco starting about mid-July! So if anyone knows something I don't know....spread the wealth, or information really! :)

At times I let this whole job search get me stressed and overwhelmed, but I keep telling myself to trust in God. I know he is going to provide for Blake and I, though it may be a hard road there. I have so cherished this time of faith and trusting in him. It's only by his grace that have made it thus far. Plus I'm graduating in about week! Which is amazing!! Never thought this day would come, but at the same time my time at ACU seemed like a sprint rather than a marathon! It went by so fast.

So anyways...I don't really have much more to write than the fact that I am an available and worthy employee looking for a position! :)


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Kara said...

you are officially one of the most encouraging people i know. :)