Saturday, April 18, 2009

life of love

It's amazing how in the midst of so much life and talk of birth there is a death. Just last post I was talking of a sweet families story to their precious baby in Ethiopia. Yesterday, I sat by the phone waiting to hear news of the birth of my sweet baby girl cousin. However, the only call I got yesterday was the call that my great-grandmother, Nonnie, had passed away.

It was something we've been preparing for, for a long time. But still, when you hear those words, your heart still skips a beat. My Nonnie had lived a long and beautiful life. She had a wealth of memories and bountiful family to show for it. Her husband, my PaPaw is going through a difficult time now as well, but had his prayers answered that she would go before him. What grace and humility is that! To be in prayer that she would not experience the pain of losing him, but go on before him in peace.

While I will miss my Nonnie greatly, I praise the Lord for the dancing and singing she is doing in Heaven with the Lord Jesus as we speak. And if anyone were to be dancing and singing in heaven, it'd be my Nonnie. Maybe even playing away at a baby grand.

Because this blog is a blog for my future marriage I can't help, but think of the marriage that my great-grandparents had. It may not have always been easy, but it lasted and there was true love. Like I said before, the desires of my PaPaw for my Nonnie to go first speaks volumes about the love he had for his wife. And my Nonnie shared just as much for him. Life is hard there right at the end. Seeing the love that they still shared until their dying day was breath taking. Or I should say breath catching as I wrote about in my last post. The love I have for Blake now is so strong and so real, but I can not wait to experience the love that we will have on our dying day. It is so strong and so incredible that the room permeates with it.

Its funny because people always say they see a couples love the strongest on their wedding day. And unfortunately, that might be true for many couples today. However, there is nothing on this earth like seeing a love that is 100x stronger than the love on a wedding day as a love on their dying day. Like Solomon's wisdom and David's might I pray to the Lord that Blake and I will share a love all our lives that grows and is an example for our children and grand children and great grand children.

I love you Nonnie and will miss you greatly, but I know I will see you again one day in heaven. I know it might be a long time for me before I go, but I know you'll still be dancing and singing. My Dad once told me that I remind him of you because of my love of bright and colorful shoes and fun sparkly jewelry. Well I'll be wearing both on my wedding day, and I know you'll be smiling down on me. I love you and thank the Lord for the amazing life you lived and the amazing love you showed.


Jenn said...

Beautiful Katie!!

Kara said...

love it, katie :)