Sunday, July 31, 2011


Two posts in one day?! What's the world coming to? :) I just wanted to share with you guys a little "face lift" I did in our kitchen. I never loved the area over our kitchen sink so I did something about it. Here's what I did.....

I found this idea on Pinterest (place where I spend waaaay too much time!) to color clear vases with acrylic paint. It was super easy and I love the result. You just pick a few different colors of acrylic that you like, drip it down in the vase and twirl it around till it covers all the surfaces. Let it dry over night and voila! Super cute vases!

The framed applique bird idea I also got from Pinterest. A woman had posted a pillow she made with appliqued birds on a line in different color fabrics. It was super easy also. And those are my favorite part!

Pillows for my Sister

It's been too long since I last posted. At one point I tried to change the layout of our blog and I messed it up so bad. I got so frustrated that for a long time I just didn't want to look at it because I didn't know how to fix it. But no worries! It's fixed now. It's a silly reason not to post, but it's my silly reason.

Ok so I know the last thing I posted about was pillows, but I've made more. Not for me this time, but for my sister. She is going off to college in less than a month and I needed to make her some cute decorative pillow for her bed! So here they are....

I am very happy with them and how they turned out! I got the tutorial for the flower one here and I came up with the pattern for the chevron one. I'm actually thinking of putting together a tutorial for how to do that one and posting it on here. Does anyone even read this blog any more? And if so, would you want a tutorial?? Let me know!