Sunday, June 27, 2010

happy anniversary

Sunday, June 20, 2010

our happenings...

So you might be wondering.....what has happened to the Penfield's?! A lot. That is for sure. Obviously I have been terrible at keeping our blog updated, but this will be my attempt at catching you up on everything that has happened since my last post on April 21.

May was a SUPER busy month for us. There wasn't a weekend that we were actually in Waco. The first weekend we traveled up to my aunt and uncles house to celebrate my cousin's first birthday! Here's a picture:

Isn't she cute?! I don't know if you can tell, but she likes cake! :)

Then the following weekend Blake went down to San Antonio with our friend Seth for a bachelor party and Seth's wife Jennifer came up to Waco with me to hang out. We had lots of fun shopping and just sitting and talking about old times, new times, etc. :)

The weekend after that we headed down to San Antonio for our friend's wedding, which was on a Sunday evening so I ended up taking that Monday off and having a long weekend. Which was nice. :)

The weekend after that we went down to San Antonio again for Blake's sister, Chelsea's, graduation. GO Chelsea!! We are soooo proud of you!

The weekend after that I traveled up to Ft. Worth to photograph a wedding and got to see some family while I was up there.

And finally the next weekend, which was the first weekend of June, we traveled to San Antonio yet again to see my little sister, Karleigh Mei, in her first dance recital. Here's a picture of that cuteness:

She was the best one up there!!

So the last two weekends after that we've been enjoying just hanging out here in Waco. Next weekend, I can hardly believe it, is our 1 year anniversary!!! We are going to celebrate and go out of town on a little vacation! :) I CAN'T WAIT! :)

I will try to be better about posting on here and keep everyone up to date on our lives. One little bit of exciting news that I have to share really quick is that Blake got an internship with the DA's office here! He's only gone one day so far, but is really enjoying it already! I am so proud of him and so happy that he got this awesome opportunity. Anyways...that's all for now!