Sunday, November 22, 2009

football game

This weekend we traveled over to College Station to watch Baylor play A&M with the Penfield clan. Sadly Baylor was very very badly defeated. We had a lot of fun though and I thought I'd share some photos from the game. They are on our new digital point and
shoot camera that we got as a wedding gift. So I am still trying to figure out all the settings that come on this camera.

On the car ride there...

Chelsea, Travis and Tonya...

me and my mother-in-law...

me in Kyle can't tell here because the sun was coming out, but it was very cold and had been raining so I was kind of shivering at this point. :) I also have a dumb look on my face

Kyle Field

At one point in the game....and probably the most entertaining point....Tonya and I realized that the blanket we had been wrapped up in had all this weird zippers and snaps and basically became a sort of "snuggie". I snapped and zipped her up in it and this is what the result was. Here she is pretending it's a Japanese Kimono. :)

Blake and you can see were supporting Baylor and A&M with our mixed shirts and hats. :)

Travis and Chelsea

We ended up getting tickets in the "Baylor" section so it worked out that we could safely cheer for Baylor without getting booed at. Unfortunately, Baylor never even scored a touchdown so there wasn't much to cheer for. :) hahaha

Friday, November 6, 2009

our new haircuts

We both got our haircut today!