Friday, February 27, 2009

4 months or 120 days!

I can hardly believe marks 120 days or 4 months to our wedding!! Before I know it I'm going to be a married woman. I can't wait. I also just found out that the girl making my bridal jewelry is finished and will be shipping it to me! I am so excited!! Here's some pictures....

Well there's not much else to tell. Maybe I will come back and add another story or something later! :)

Thursday, February 19, 2009

venus or satellite?

Ok so what story to tell....I've been thinking and trying to decide what to tell next! :) Then I decided to just tell a random funny story that I have always laughed about when remembering.

So last year for our 5 year anniversary I surprised Blake by buying him tickets to the Rush concert in the Dallas area. Our anniversary is in February, but the concert wasn't till April so he had to wait a bit. But I think it was well worth the wait because we had a WONDERFUL time!

Ok so we had lawn seating which was actually really nice because we could stretch out on a blanket and just enjoy the night. There were also extremely amusing people to watch around us....which I personally did more of than actually watching the concert. (I'm not a huge Rush fan!) :) During the intermission Blake and I decided to lay back on our blanket and look at the stars. Obviously, the concert was in Dallas so it was hard to see a lot of stars, but there was this one that was particularly bright.

Blake saw it and pointed to it and this dialogue proceeded:

B- (pointing at a bright star) Hey, look! It's Venus!
K- Are you sure? How do you know?
B- It's really bright!
(a few minutes of staring at it and thinking he can't be right)
K- Blake, it's blinking.
B- Venus blinks.
K- Blake, it's moving....I think it's a space station.
B- Oh ok, well whatever.
(few more minutes of silence goes by)
B- (pointing at another bright star) Hey look! It's Venus!

Haha! It was just a silly moment that we shared together, but it's one of those moments that I cherish! So I wanted to share it with you all!:)

Wednesday, February 18, 2009

time flies

Nearly a week has gone by since I last posted and I can hardly believe it! Where is the time going? I was just looking on my wedding count down yesterday to discover it is now only 129 more days to the wedding! AND it is almost only 4 months! Everyone said time would fly, but it is soaring.

I just called today to schedule our engagement photo session! We will have them taken during spring break. I am anxious to get those done and have some nice photos of us! I am sure I will post some on here once I've received them!

So I don't really have a whole lot to post about because it is late and I am tired, but I will try to post a new story tomorrow. Good night all and God bless! :)

Thursday, February 12, 2009


So I have decided to take a break from the stories today and talk about life that's going on right now...

I see this blog as something like a treasure to look back on sometime in the future and read about this cherished time of being an engaged woman. It's funny because people talk so much about being single. There are books about being single, tons of songs about being single (especially country) and everyone has something to say about being single. Then of course there is being married. Books, songs, and opinions about marriage as well. Not often do you see a book, hear a song or get an opinion about being engaged. It's kind of a funny time that society makes it seem you are in a kind of limbo. You can't be "single" by any means, but in no way are you "married".

I did what I always tend to do when I am fully examining a subject and turned to trusty ol' Webster. The dictionary that is. There were several definitions, of course the one about being betrothed, being pledged, being involved, etc. But there were two definitions that I found interesting. One had to do with mechanics and the other with architecture.

The mechanics one said: "interlocked or in gear with each other".

The architecture one said: "built so as to be truly or seemingly attached in part to the structure before which it stands".

Being engaged (as in betrothed) is such an interesting time of a couple's life. You've taken that initial commitment to one another and you are anticipating the future ahead. Like the first definition you are becoming in gear with one another. You are starting to take those beginning steps of becoming one. I have so enjoyed the beginning of our engagement. I mean yeah it's been fun planning the wedding and preparing for the future, but more than all of that I enjoy just simply being engaged to the man I love.

Our relationship has developed at a new level. There's something that we now share that I can't explain, but it is there and it is special. At times it grips me with fear because I've never experienced it before, but more than anything just the feeling of it makes me smile without my lips being consciously aware. It adds a little unknown skip to my step. And if it was culturally acceptable and after years of learning societal norms and how to control my subconscious, it would make me twirl around in circles of excitement. What a wonderful time engagement truly is.

Now as for the second definition. I feel like the time of engagement is like this structure that is built to be attached to the main structure. It is the column that upholds the massive building around it. Engagement is a time where you begin to learn the important things of marriage. While you won't ever learn it all engagement, it at least provides a foundation for the structure to come.

I am by no means an expert on this "engagement" thing. But I have learned a lot in this time being and what I've learned I've enjoyed. Blake and I are so excited about our future to come, but for now we are so enjoying being engaged. I know so many women talk about how they want a short engagement and they just can't wait for the wedding. At first I thought I would be like that, but I have really come to enjoy this time and am cherishing every moment.

So here I am...a fiancee, a bride-to-be, an engaged woman and I'm loving every minute of it!

Wednesday, February 11, 2009

when he asked me to be his girlfriend

Now to continue the story from yesterday...

So after our banquet we talked off and on for about a month, but never really spent a lot of time together. I remember one evening after school he called me and was pretty upset, because he had just found out that his grandmother had cancer. He had called to ask me to pray. I remember being so surprised that he would call me, who I felt like he didn't know well, but he kept saying that I was the first one he thought of. I was so touched that he felt that way.

Another couple of weeks went by and we talked off and on and one evening he called me again. This time to tell me that his other grandmother had cancer. I remember being in such pain for him. I could not imagine what he and his family were going through. Once again though, I felt so honored that he would ask me to be in prayer.

So another couple of weeks went by with not much talking other than over AOL instant messenger. :) Then on Feb. 2 we both went to a mutual friend (Amanda) of ours birthday party. (Yes, I know, we have a thing with parties) I remember when I saw him there I was so excited because by this point I was starting to kinda like him. I was hoping that I'd have an opportunity at the party to talk with more. The night went on and I never found a chance to talk with him. I was always either with a bunch of friends or he was with a bunch of friends.

At the very end of the party when everyone was leaving I noticed him sitting by himself off to the side. I thought here's my chance to talk with him. I of course hesitated, but then got the guts and walked over there. Well praise God I did because we had the most wonderful conversation. We told each other a lot about ourselves and talked about his grandmothers and the struggle he was going through with that situation. Many years later Blake told me that it was at the moment that I walked over to talk with him that he fell in love with me. :)

I remember leaving the party on cloud nine. I was so impressed with this amazing guy and so excited about the chance of getting to know him better. So on Feb. 6 much to my surprise (and with much joy!) Blake called my house and asked me to be his girlfriend! We just celebrated our 6 year anniversary of dating about a week ago!

Tuesday, February 10, 2009

my re-design and how we met

Well I was bored last night and decided to redesign my blog for the time being. Like I said this blog will be about my married life, but for now I will post about my time as an engaged woman planning for the big shin-dig....AKA wedding. :)

I saw this scrapbook pack on and while I wouldn't have usually gone crazy over "prince" and "dragon" page elements they just seemed to fit the need for my design right now. I thought the prince looked very similar to my prince and of course he HAS to be fighting off a terrible dragon! :)

Well wedding planning is going well. We've pretty much gotten everything booked at this point except for the music and we haven't ordered the invitations...which requires me to sit for hours flipping through the invite books. Does that not sound like a blast?! jk!

So I've decided that for the time being I will post different stories about Blake and my dating through the years. I figured the best place to start would be the very beginning! So here goes....

We actually probably met for the first time in 8th grade, but I don't really remember it and we obviously didn't make a huge impression on each other. Freshman year of high school went by and finally our sophomore year came and we were both at some friends of ours party (Johnny and Jimmy). I was actually standing out by the pool talking to a good friend of mine named James and Blake came up to join the conversation. We talked for a while and enjoyed each others company. Blake later told me that, that was the first time he ever really "noticed" me and kept thinking "how'd I miss this cool girl before?!" hehe

So towards the end of the party Blake approached me and asked if he could talk to me in the other room (away from all the people). I was a little confused because I couldn't imagine what a guy I just met could have to tell me in confidence. He of course shocked me asked me to be his date at our Christmas banquet. I stood there in shock and after he started to look sheepishly away I finally came to my senses and said yes!

I remember going home in shock that night. I kept thinking....he's a nice guy....he's cute....but who is he?! haha So about a month later we went to banquet together. I remember is was rather awkward because we didn't have anything to talk about. I actually ended up talking to my other friends more than him that night. I will never forget that while we were eating dinner we were served pretty rare steaks and Blake exclaimed, "This meat is so rare it's still 'mooing'!" I couldn't help, but laugh.

So that's the end of that part of "our" story. Next time I'll tell the story of how he asked me out. :)

Tuesday, February 3, 2009

New Blog Purpose!

Well I've finally discovered a use for this awesome blog will be the blog that covers Blake and my life together!! yay!! It won't officially begin till June 27, but I can get it ready....right?! :)