Saturday, March 28, 2009

Half way there!

I can hardly believe it.....yesterday marked the half way point from the day we got engaged to our wedding! Boy has time flown by. I know that is such cliché thing to say, but as I am getting older and big events are happening in my life I am feeling it more and more. As of now everything is officially "booked" for the wedding...which is a good feeling.

Some one was asking me the other day what my plans are for the summer and it was funny because I told her, "You know, my life is booked up until July 5 and after that I have absolutely no idea." And it's true....July 5 is when we get back from our honeymoon and on July 6 (as of now) I have no idea where I will be. Maybe San Antonio? Maybe Waco? Who knows. For those of you who don't know yet Bayl*r is pretty much for sure, for Blake. We've heard back from all the schools and none of them offered him a scholarship like Bayl*r did and he wants to study trial law, which they have the best.

I had another person ask me the other day, when finding out that Waco is where we would be, if I was ok with that. And it's funny because despite all the worrying, praying, hoping and dreaming that I have done about living everywhere else, but Waco....I am completely content with that. I think that over the last couple months the Lord knew that he needed to prepare my heart. And after all the waiting on him, being patient and fearing the unknown of the future, it feels so good to be able to "plan" our future in Waco.

While I still see that so much of it is in the Lord's hands, I can feel that he is allowing me to be the planner that I am and begin preparing for the road ahead. But I also come out of this time of my life as less of a control freak about my future and more of a person that desires only to follow God's will.....and it is good.

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TanyaMarie said...

Hi Sweet neice! Love this post! Sorry for not visiting you here in ages! I put it on my ipod touch home page so I'll be checking it more regularly now, hope you update often. When we drove through Waco we thought all those Baylor buildings were so enticingly enchanting and wished we had time to stop and wander around campus, but we were on a serious mission (to Uvalde AND back!). Other parts of the town were nice looking too, from I35's vantage point. The traffic wasn't horrible, and the best part is that it's half-way between here and Mimi and PawPaw's house! We'll get to see you! Pray that God will please provide for us to be able to come to your wedding!!! We're watching Him do some incredible things for us while we're waiting (& seeking) better employment. He's MADE us so dependant on Him lately and at the same time, and usually last minute, providing $ in some of the strangest ways possible for things that make us cock our heads and think, He cares about THAT little thing/event/need/desire...
He's so amazing!!!
I Love you Katie and am sooo proud of you!!