Wednesday, September 23, 2009

till you're better

I've been thinking a lot about a single line in a song that we sang at church this past Sunday. It's from the fairly well known hymn called "Come ye Sinners". While the entire song is a very powerful and moving song, one line in particular really stood out to me this last Sunday as we sang the words:

Come, ye weary, heavy laden,
Lost and ruined by the fall;
If you tarry till you’re better,
You will never come at all.

What really hit me was that last line about if you tarry until you're better than you will never come at all. So often in life we think we need to wait until we've gained more skill in something, made more money for something, become more comfortable in our surroundings or in the case of this song just simply become a better person or better at living life before we can ever accept the blessings that the Lord has in wait for us.

My heart aches when I think of the many people in the world who simply refuse the Lord because they believe that they must become "better" in order to be worthy of being accepted by Him. How wrong they truly are! Jesus did not die for people who are perfect and worthy of salvation. He died for sinners.

That means all mothers, fathers, sisters, brothers, doctors, lawyers, photographers, artists, prostitutes, criminals, police officers, tax collectors, fishermen, the poor, the rich, the strong, the weak, the blind, the lame, the disfigured, the models, the mentally handicapped, the genius, the student, the teacher, the child, the adult, the CEO, and the homeless, the white, the black, men, women....

The list could go on and on. He died for us all. So please do not tarry any longer, thinking you must wait until you're better or you will never come at all.

Saturday, September 19, 2009

Happy Birthday Blake!

It's my wonderful hubby's birthday today!

I love you sooo much Blake and can't tell you how much I absolutely love being your wife. You are an amazing man and I truly look up to you. You show a kindness and love to me that I could never have dreamed of. I am so very blessed to be loved by you. I love you, babe!


your Katie

Tuesday, September 15, 2009

our busy life

I am sorry that it's been so long since I last posted. We have just been so busy getting settled into our schedules of work and school that I haven't even thought of our blog.

Blake started school on Aug. 24 and now has a pretty good idea of what to expect from daily classes, etc. He seems to be really enjoying it though it does keep him very busy. We have been traveling a lot lately seeing family all over Texas. This last weekend we traveled over to San Angelo to visit my grandparents and great-grandmother for my great-grandmother's 90th birthday. It was so fun to see everyone and celebrate with her on her special day.

This next weekend we are staying in Waco, which we are very excited about because we love just staying in town and doing nothing! :) Saturday is Blake's birthday so we will definitely be doing some celebrating. We had originally planned on going to SA for his birthday, but everyone's schedules did not match up so we are going the following weekend instead.

Well not to much else is new with the Penfield's. Just enjoying our first home and life together. Today we have been married for 80 days! Crazy how time flies! Anyways...hopefully I will get better about posting more often.