Tuesday, April 14, 2009

catching my breath

Many parts of the wedding are really beginning to sink in. This past weekend I went to get my dress fitted. Amazingly the fit and length were perfect! I hadn't gotten a chance to try it on before I got to the dress store and when I first ordered it the only size they had in stock was quite a bit bigger than what I wear. So I hadn't really gotten the full effect of what it would look like when it was meant for me. I have to say I am very very pleased! I love the dress. I've also been slowly putting together all the pieces....dress, jewelry, shoes, veil, etc. I still have not gotten the entire picture of what it will all look like together, but I have a better idea and am very happy!

I had a bit of a scare last week with what turned out to be a minor medical problem, easily fixed with antibiotics. But it sure did stress me out for about a day or two. Looking back now....knowing what I know now, I can't help but be in awe of God's grace and love. I have gotten so caught up in my schedule and planning, trying to make everything fit into the calendar just right. Even after graduation I will be super busy with wedding things and parties. I am super excited about it all, but am also having to closely manage my time. This potential medical problem was one of those times where I don't know how else to describe it but a "breath catching moment."

You can all probably relate to those types of moments. They are the kind that in the midst of your busy life and your going, going, going something huge happens and it literally takes your breath away or knocks the wind out of you...either for good or bad. While I prefer those moments that are good, it sometimes takes the bad to wake me up. Not that this situation was super bad or anything life threatening, but it was a big enough deal to really affect my life for the next few months. Praise the Lord for his wonderful provision.

To end on a joyful note...I love to think about those good "breath carthing moments." Here are just a few in no particular order:

- coming around the corner to read "Will you marry me Katie?"
- standing in the airport as I saw my baby sister for the first time
- rolling over in a car and realizing Blake and I are completely safe
- being accepted into ACU and receiving a scholarship
- standing outside the delivery room and hearing the doctor say, "it's a boy!" at my brother's birth
- coming into the living room on christmas morning and finding it covered in Barbies and Barbie clothes :)
- standing at the alter as a bridesmaid at my aunts wedding
- being asked to be Blake's girlfriend one late school night
- watching my dear friend become a mother to her sweet baby boy

There's tons more and I sure can't wait for hundreds to come in this life.


Jenn said...

I love you Katie and I'm so stinkin' proud of you!!! Love the list that you made. Okay...so it all made me cry. But that's okay 'cause it was a happy cry!! Besides, I need to get all the crying done by the time of your wedding. I am going to be ONE BIG MESS if I don't!! Oh dear......



Alyrose said...

haha you are goin to laugh so hard about this, wyatt has this pig on his exersaucer thing and he just loves to chew on it and the other day i was sittin with him and i was like piggypiggy and he grinned really big and i started laughin and was like haha i love you

TanyaMarie said...

Wow! I'm with your mom!
Where're the Kleenex???
Love y'all!
Aunt T

Phil and Tiffany said...

I can TOTALLY relate!! :) I had to have surgery on my foot 2 1/2 months before my wedding and was on crutches (they were actually Sarah's crutches) until 2 weeks before I walked down the aisle! CRAZY...but your right, those moments truly remind us to put our complete trust in God!! I wouldn't trade those moments, good or bad, for anything! Those are my favorite things to look back on! :)

I'm so glad you are ok! I miss you!!