Wednesday, February 11, 2009

when he asked me to be his girlfriend

Now to continue the story from yesterday...

So after our banquet we talked off and on for about a month, but never really spent a lot of time together. I remember one evening after school he called me and was pretty upset, because he had just found out that his grandmother had cancer. He had called to ask me to pray. I remember being so surprised that he would call me, who I felt like he didn't know well, but he kept saying that I was the first one he thought of. I was so touched that he felt that way.

Another couple of weeks went by and we talked off and on and one evening he called me again. This time to tell me that his other grandmother had cancer. I remember being in such pain for him. I could not imagine what he and his family were going through. Once again though, I felt so honored that he would ask me to be in prayer.

So another couple of weeks went by with not much talking other than over AOL instant messenger. :) Then on Feb. 2 we both went to a mutual friend (Amanda) of ours birthday party. (Yes, I know, we have a thing with parties) I remember when I saw him there I was so excited because by this point I was starting to kinda like him. I was hoping that I'd have an opportunity at the party to talk with more. The night went on and I never found a chance to talk with him. I was always either with a bunch of friends or he was with a bunch of friends.

At the very end of the party when everyone was leaving I noticed him sitting by himself off to the side. I thought here's my chance to talk with him. I of course hesitated, but then got the guts and walked over there. Well praise God I did because we had the most wonderful conversation. We told each other a lot about ourselves and talked about his grandmothers and the struggle he was going through with that situation. Many years later Blake told me that it was at the moment that I walked over to talk with him that he fell in love with me. :)

I remember leaving the party on cloud nine. I was so impressed with this amazing guy and so excited about the chance of getting to know him better. So on Feb. 6 much to my surprise (and with much joy!) Blake called my house and asked me to be his girlfriend! We just celebrated our 6 year anniversary of dating about a week ago!

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