Tuesday, February 10, 2009

my re-design and how we met

Well I was bored last night and decided to redesign my blog for the time being. Like I said this blog will be about my married life, but for now I will post about my time as an engaged woman planning for the big shin-dig....AKA wedding. :)

I saw this scrapbook pack on www.pimpmyscrapbook.com and while I wouldn't have usually gone crazy over "prince" and "dragon" page elements they just seemed to fit the need for my design right now. I thought the prince looked very similar to my prince and of course he HAS to be fighting off a terrible dragon! :)

Well wedding planning is going well. We've pretty much gotten everything booked at this point except for the music and we haven't ordered the invitations...which requires me to sit for hours flipping through the invite books. Does that not sound like a blast?! jk!

So I've decided that for the time being I will post different stories about Blake and my dating through the years. I figured the best place to start would be the very beginning! So here goes....

We actually probably met for the first time in 8th grade, but I don't really remember it and we obviously didn't make a huge impression on each other. Freshman year of high school went by and finally our sophomore year came and we were both at some friends of ours party (Johnny and Jimmy). I was actually standing out by the pool talking to a good friend of mine named James and Blake came up to join the conversation. We talked for a while and enjoyed each others company. Blake later told me that, that was the first time he ever really "noticed" me and kept thinking "how'd I miss this cool girl before?!" hehe

So towards the end of the party Blake approached me and asked if he could talk to me in the other room (away from all the people). I was a little confused because I couldn't imagine what a guy I just met could have to tell me in confidence. He of course shocked me asked me to be his date at our Christmas banquet. I stood there in shock and after he started to look sheepishly away I finally came to my senses and said yes!

I remember going home in shock that night. I kept thinking....he's a nice guy....he's cute....but who is he?! haha So about a month later we went to banquet together. I remember is was rather awkward because we didn't have anything to talk about. I actually ended up talking to my other friends more than him that night. I will never forget that while we were eating dinner we were served pretty rare steaks and Blake exclaimed, "This meat is so rare it's still 'mooing'!" I couldn't help, but laugh.

So that's the end of that part of "our" story. Next time I'll tell the story of how he asked me out. :)

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