Thursday, February 12, 2009


So I have decided to take a break from the stories today and talk about life that's going on right now...

I see this blog as something like a treasure to look back on sometime in the future and read about this cherished time of being an engaged woman. It's funny because people talk so much about being single. There are books about being single, tons of songs about being single (especially country) and everyone has something to say about being single. Then of course there is being married. Books, songs, and opinions about marriage as well. Not often do you see a book, hear a song or get an opinion about being engaged. It's kind of a funny time that society makes it seem you are in a kind of limbo. You can't be "single" by any means, but in no way are you "married".

I did what I always tend to do when I am fully examining a subject and turned to trusty ol' Webster. The dictionary that is. There were several definitions, of course the one about being betrothed, being pledged, being involved, etc. But there were two definitions that I found interesting. One had to do with mechanics and the other with architecture.

The mechanics one said: "interlocked or in gear with each other".

The architecture one said: "built so as to be truly or seemingly attached in part to the structure before which it stands".

Being engaged (as in betrothed) is such an interesting time of a couple's life. You've taken that initial commitment to one another and you are anticipating the future ahead. Like the first definition you are becoming in gear with one another. You are starting to take those beginning steps of becoming one. I have so enjoyed the beginning of our engagement. I mean yeah it's been fun planning the wedding and preparing for the future, but more than all of that I enjoy just simply being engaged to the man I love.

Our relationship has developed at a new level. There's something that we now share that I can't explain, but it is there and it is special. At times it grips me with fear because I've never experienced it before, but more than anything just the feeling of it makes me smile without my lips being consciously aware. It adds a little unknown skip to my step. And if it was culturally acceptable and after years of learning societal norms and how to control my subconscious, it would make me twirl around in circles of excitement. What a wonderful time engagement truly is.

Now as for the second definition. I feel like the time of engagement is like this structure that is built to be attached to the main structure. It is the column that upholds the massive building around it. Engagement is a time where you begin to learn the important things of marriage. While you won't ever learn it all engagement, it at least provides a foundation for the structure to come.

I am by no means an expert on this "engagement" thing. But I have learned a lot in this time being and what I've learned I've enjoyed. Blake and I are so excited about our future to come, but for now we are so enjoying being engaged. I know so many women talk about how they want a short engagement and they just can't wait for the wedding. At first I thought I would be like that, but I have really come to enjoy this time and am cherishing every moment.

So here I am...a fiancee, a bride-to-be, an engaged woman and I'm loving every minute of it!

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Alyrose said...

ok so i totally just found your blog and i'm happy, only i can't figure out why it wont let me follow it...ugh haha i hate things that are confusing