Thursday, February 19, 2009

venus or satellite?

Ok so what story to tell....I've been thinking and trying to decide what to tell next! :) Then I decided to just tell a random funny story that I have always laughed about when remembering.

So last year for our 5 year anniversary I surprised Blake by buying him tickets to the Rush concert in the Dallas area. Our anniversary is in February, but the concert wasn't till April so he had to wait a bit. But I think it was well worth the wait because we had a WONDERFUL time!

Ok so we had lawn seating which was actually really nice because we could stretch out on a blanket and just enjoy the night. There were also extremely amusing people to watch around us....which I personally did more of than actually watching the concert. (I'm not a huge Rush fan!) :) During the intermission Blake and I decided to lay back on our blanket and look at the stars. Obviously, the concert was in Dallas so it was hard to see a lot of stars, but there was this one that was particularly bright.

Blake saw it and pointed to it and this dialogue proceeded:

B- (pointing at a bright star) Hey, look! It's Venus!
K- Are you sure? How do you know?
B- It's really bright!
(a few minutes of staring at it and thinking he can't be right)
K- Blake, it's blinking.
B- Venus blinks.
K- Blake, it's moving....I think it's a space station.
B- Oh ok, well whatever.
(few more minutes of silence goes by)
B- (pointing at another bright star) Hey look! It's Venus!

Haha! It was just a silly moment that we shared together, but it's one of those moments that I cherish! So I wanted to share it with you all!:)

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