Friday, July 2, 2010

our anniversary trip

We had so much fun on our anniversary trip. We traveled down to Austin for a few days and hung out there. We arrived on Saturday, late afternoon, and checked into the Holiday Inn downtown on the lake. Then we headed down to 6th street to witness all the crazies and get tickets for a showing of the A-Team at the Alamo Drafthouse. 6th Street is definitely an interesting experience! We only lost about $3 to hobos! :)

That night we saw our movie and enjoy a super yummy dinner there at the drafthouse. The next morning we went to breakfast at a place called Juan in a Million. It was super yummy and we were completely stuff by their famous "Don Juan" taco that is enormous! Then we went to the Capitol to tour it. Here's some pics on our crummy little camera:

Then we visited the historic home of Clara Driskell called the Laguna-Gloria. It was right on the lake and is now owned by the Austin Museum of Art. It was really pretty and had an interesting mix of Italian and Mexican architecture. Sorry but I didn't take any photos. :( After that we headed downtown to try out a little coffee shop called Little City. We got some super yummy frozen coffees and italian sodas because it was super hot outside!

That night for dinner we had a super fancy dinner at a place called Sullivan's. We had some AMAZING prime rib and for dessert banana bread pudding. Here's a pic of Blake with his!

Then that night we used our champagne glasses that were given to us by Blake's Paw-Paw on our wedding day to be used every year on our anniversary!! Here's some pics:

Thanks Paw-Paw Penfield! :)

The next day we headed down to Schlitterbahn for the day! We had sooooo much fun! Unfortunately I don't have any photos because I did not bring my camera for fear of it getting wet. That evening on our drive back to Austin we stopped off at a little BBQ restaurant called the Salt Lick. It was out in the middle of no where and we got a little lost. We definitely drove more than was necessary, but we made it eventually with the help of my Mom! :)

Finally the last day on our way back home we stopped off in Round Rock at the famous Round Rock Donuts and enjoyed a super tasty breakfast!! They have a donut that is enormous and weighs about 2 pounds. Here's a picture of me with my regular sized donut:

That is the end of our trip. We had a super wonderful time celebrating our first year of marriage!!

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