Sunday, January 10, 2010

weddings, weddings, weddings

I just realized yesterday that by the end of this year I will have either attended or photographed at least 6 weddings this year! I love weddings so I am pretty darn excited! :) We attended/photographed our good friend Kristen's wedding on January 2. I say attended/photographed because Blake and I attended and I photographed. :) Then last night, January 9, we attended our other good friend, Amanda's, wedding. They were both absolutely beautiful and such special occasions.

Next on the list of weddings is our friend's Seth and Jennifer's that will be in March. What a super fun and blessed year this is already turning out to be! Speaking of blessings I mentioned in my last post that I would post at least once a month about blessings that are happening in our life. I want to start out the year with a few blessings, that though are not new for the year, are huge blessings none the less.

First we are so blessed to be living in Waco with a job for me and law school for Blake. While at times we wish that we had more money than we do, we truly are blessed with what we have. We have a roof over our heads, clothes on our back, food on the table every day (including some extra sweets from time to time :) ), as wells as 2 working cars and tons of different gadgets and things that are just extra perks in life! I have also been extremely blessed over the last few month with the growth of my photography business.

With all of this I can't help but praise the Lord for our lives as they are now. Everyone always tells us that one day we will look back on the first years of our marriage when we are poor and just have each other and will miss it greatly. I can see why because I am loving every minute of it! So until next time....what are your blessings for today?


Jenn said...

YOU! You are one of my blessings! :)

kara + houston said...

so we'll get to see you two in march AND may for sure! :) yay

my blessings would have to include: houston, my freedom, my semi-warm house, heat in general, my family... and all those other fun little gadgets you were talking about! i have way more than i deserve, that's for sure.