Monday, January 25, 2010

goings on

It's Monday again. Ugh... Monday's are my least favorite day of the week. Sorry Monday, that's just the way the cookie crumbles.

Blake has a pretty big week ahead of him. His finals for the 2nd quarter begin this Saturday morning and continue throughout all next week. I wasn't a big fan of finals in undergrad and I've obviously never taken a final in law school, but I can tell you one thing that I've observed....they are horrible, awful things. Actually I think I can safely say that all of law school is a horrible, awful thing. :) I am so proud of Blake for pulling through and almost surviving his second quarter. I know we are both very ready for the summer.

Work is going good for me. Just the same old, same old. Design monuments, processing orders and sometimes dealing with unhappy customers. But all in all I really do enjoy my job. My photography has slowed down a bit for the holidays and the beginning of the year, but I am really hoping it will kick into full gear over the next few months. I have several weddings booked over the next few months and am hoping to book a couple of more. I already shot one earlier this month for my friend Kristen and had an absolutely awesome time! So fun to see your friend get married and be the one to capture all those special moments.

I thought it'd be more stressful since it was my friend. But it turned out to be so much fun. I really can't wait till the next wedding! So if you know any one getting married that needs a photographer....point them my way.

I can't believe we are nearing the end of January. I can already tell that 2010 is going to be another year that just literally flies by. It's my mom's birthday this weekend so I will be heading to SA to celebrate. Unfortunately, because of his final, Blake won't be able to make it.

Anyways....that's about all of the goings on for the Penfield's at this time. I will share more when I know more!

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