Sunday, January 17, 2010

married friends and ham

It's so fun having married friends that live in the same city as us. The newly married Kristen and Joey came over to our apartment last night for a dinner of Ham, mashed potatoes, dressing and rolls! My awesome boss gave everyone at work a big ham for Christmas as a gift. Blake and I had just put it in the freezer and were waiting for a time to get it out and eat it. It was so big that we just kept putting it off. Yesterday morning I was thinking, you know, we should have Kristen and Joey over to help eat that ham. :)

So over they came and quite the feast we had. Now it was a spiral cut, pre-cooked ham, but I had still never cooked a ham in my life. So I was a little concerned at how it would turn out. And while the honey glaze did boil over the pan a bit and burn in the bottom of my oven (annoying to clean), we did still have a pretty good meal.

I absolutely love cooking and love entertaining friends, so it was a perfect evening! And now we still have quite a bit of ham to show for it. It was a 6 pound ham and we ate about a fourth of it last night. So needless to say, Blake and I have been trying to come up with recipes for this next week that include ham in some way. :) Today for our Sunday lunch I made a big egg, ham and jalapeno quiche. It was soooo yummy! :)

Other ideas include: potato soup with ham, pizza with ham and maybe some kind of beans and rice that have some ham in it for flavoring. Feel free to give us any ideas that you might have. We will be working on the ham for a while. :)


kara + houston said...

we got a huge ham for christmas too! it's just sitting in our freezer, so when you should share some of those recipes! :)

kara + houston said...

*so you should :)