Saturday, October 3, 2009

my dislike of journaling

I know, I know we are super bad at posting regularly. This whole "keeping you updated on the Penfield's" thing is not working out so well. :) The beginning of my 4th grade year I was home-schooled by my wonderful Mom. During that time she tried to make me keep a journal. And the reason why I say tried was because though I did write entries like she wanted they didn't say much. Most of them said something along the lines of:

"My mom is making me write in this thing. Not much happened today. I'm home doing school and very bored." The end

So as you can see it wasn't much of a journal and it didn't tell you too much about my life as a 4th grader. Again my junior year of high school my teacher made us write a journal once a week at the beginning of class. Her's was a little more structured because we were required to write about a certain subject and how it pertained to or affected our life. But still had this loathing for having to journal. And I basically wrote just enough to get by with a good grade. :)

So I guess basically what I am trying to say is that I am not good at journaling and in turn not good at blogging, but I am trying. My biggest problem is that I always feel like nothing significant enough happens to tell "the world" about it on our blog. Not that our life isn't great and wonderful, I just always wonder if people really care to hear about our daily schedule. :)

As you can see even now I am trying avoid getting to the part where I actually have write about what's happening in our life, because not much is new from my last post. But I will attempt anyways.

Blake I have decided we will be starting a new sort of "diet". I put the word diet in quotes because it's more of a life change in our eating habits. Just basically deciding to eat more healthy and possibly lose some weight in the process. :) We are going to do the Fat S*mash Diet. Basically it's a diet that starts you out with a 9 day detox where you can only eat fruits and veggies. Then for 2 weeks you still detox, but add in chicken and small portions of beef as well as very small amounts of grains. And finally in the last phase, as they call it, they allow you to have more of all of the above as well as incorporating have a sweet or a "less" healthy entree every now and then. This phase is to set the habit of eating healthy for life.

I will keep you updated on how all that goes. That's about it for now, but we start our "diet" on Monday so I will report more later. :)

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TanyaMarie said...

Wonderful! Love it! On the an article called (something like) be kind to your's on Weston A Price foundation's site. Not eating grains propperly prepared can cause us to develop allergies to the proteins in grains along with a host of other problems. I'm so proud of y'all!!! You aren't only taking good care of your bodies but the genes you pass on that will affect the constitutions of your children and grandchildren. Our genes are ever changing. We can heal our bodies and pass on good genes or damage them and pass on bad genes. Weston A. Price was an amazing Dr.!!! Great researcher!!! Love you!