Friday, June 26, 2009

1 day

I can hardly believe I am saying this, but we are 1 DAY away from the wedding!!!! I am kind of in a state of excitement, nervousness and shock! :) But more than anything I am just loving every moment of this time that Blake and I are sharing with all our friends and family. Tonight is the rehearsal and rehearsal dinner. I can't wait to see everyone and spend some time with the people we love. I know that when I get to the rehearsal is when things will really begin to sink in.

Last night I dropped my brothers off at Blake's bachelor party and stopped in to say hello. I just talked with Blake and his Dad for a bit, but I peaked in the windows of their "party room" to see who all was there. Seeing all those guys, both from college and high school, almost made me lose it right there. haha I just was so excited to see all these dear friends of Blake's there supporting him and celebrating with him during this special time.

I pulled myself back together pretty quickly though because I had a sneaky trick to play on my wonderful husband-to-be! :) I gave it to his Dad knowing he'd find the most opportune time to present him with it. It was just a small cardboard box that on top read: "To Blake, Love Katie, A little something from our registry! (Make sure you dig all the way to the bottom.)" Well when he opened it he found black see-through lingerie sprinkled with fake rose petals! haha then once he pulled that out there was a paper that said: "Surprise! The real gift is underneath." And under there was a wireless x*box controller that he had added to our registry not too long ago!

Nothing like a practical joke, but then a much wanted surprise underneath! Anyways...that's about all for now. Next time I post will probably be on my wedding day!!!!

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Kara said...

hahaha houston said that was hilarious :)