Wednesday, March 18, 2009

in 101, I'll marry the ONE who makes my life wONEderful

I like my catchy little title! :) I also used it as my facebook status. hehe

The invitations have been ordered. Dun dun dun!!!! haha It is really starting to hit home now. Not completely, but a little more than it had. I am sure one day (probably a day AFTER I am married) I am going to wake up and reality is going to just slap me across the face! And you know I'm pretty sure I will just close my eyes, smile and sigh! :)

We had our engagement photos taken over our break which was last week and I am pretty darn pleased with them. I just can't wait to do some editing on them. I should be getting some "web versions" from our photographer pretty soon and when I do I will post them on here and on our wedding website which is

Also....we are currently working on booking our honeymoon. It looks like it will be a cruise to New England/Canada leaving out of NY and we'll stay an extra night in NY so I can see the Big Apple!! I am soooooo excited!! Just pray it all works out and gets booked ok! The night we'd be in NY would be 4th of July too!!! Which, I think, would be sooooo cool!

Ok that's all for now....I might post later.

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