Tuesday, April 10, 2012

Moving to DFW

So you know that post that I posted almost a month ago now, about feeling like we were in limbo? Well the limbo continued for another week or so and then the fog began to clear! We just found out last week that we will be moving to the DFW area! I got a job with Gateway Church and couldn't be more excited! All I can say is that the Lord is so very good. Time and time again he blows my mind with how much he is in control of every little situation.

I mentioned in that post about how it was only 3 years ago, around this time, that I was anxiously waiting to get married and move to Waco. I knew at that time that we'd be moving here, but I did not have a job. I was very anxious because I was going to be the sole bread winner with Blake in school. As the moving day got closer and closer, I begin wondering how we'd even be able to pay our deposit. A week before our wedding I got a call about an interview. I drove to Waco a few days later and before I knew it, I had a job! Again....the Lord was in complete control.

This time around I kept in mind the sovereignty of the Lord the last time (and every time for that matter) and attempted to be less anxious and worried. Overall, I have to say, I did a pretty good job. I didn't think about it often and just trusted that the Lord would provide. But I have to admit as the month of May was getting closer, I was starting to get a little nervous. I felt like a little tiny person waving her arms at the sky saying, "God, remember me? Remember how I need to know what your plan for us is so we can move where ever that is??"

The last weekend of February I went to Abilene to have a "girls weekend" with my mom, aunt, sister and grandma. We had so much fun! On the last day before we all parted ways my aunt just happened to mention that my uncle had a position open at the church he worked at. I worked for this church back in 2008 and have always wanted to go back. I remember thinking, "gosh I wish I could apply for that position." I called Blake to see how he was doing and casually mentioned the position. He shocked me by saying, "why can't you apply for it?" I sat there dumbstruck wondering why I couldn't.

For so long, I had viewed our future as being dependent on where ever Blake got a job. I never once thought that I could be looking for a job in the area he was interested in that could support us till he found one. So I talked to my aunt, who then talked to my uncle. He was actually on sabbatical at the time and couldn't talk to anyone at the church until his sabbatical was over. Long story short and many complicated details later, I had to wait about a month and a half before I got any word on whether I got the job.

Blake and I traveled up to the area two weekends ago and were so blessed to find an apartment that we both loved and could afford. The Lord had his hand in it again. We'll be moving up there May 19 and I couldn't be any more excited. It's amazing the way the Lord works. I know there are still many details to be worked out, but I'm just in awe of his gracious kindness and the way he provides time and time again.

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camii. said...

what an exciting time for yall Katie! praying for all the little details.. i know moves can be stressful! Our God is good!