Sunday, August 1, 2010

family reunion

On to a much lighter post! :) Last weekend I got to meet our little baby and if I wasn't in absolute love before now I totally am! She is so so so so sooooo sweet. As I was walking around holding her at the hotel that we stayed at for our family reunion, I kept having people stop to look at her and they kept asking if she was mine. My initial reactions was, "oh no! She's not mine, she's my parents foster baby!" A lot of people would then ask oh so you guys only get to keep her for a little while? And that broke my heart. So then when people would ask I would say with joy, "Yes she is mine. She is my baby sister!" :)

There was a few times that Blake would be walking with me when someone would ask that and it was pretty funny to see his face. He is definitely not ready for kids right now. Which is completely understandable! For one, he's still in law school and it would make it very difficult. But also you need more that an hour of time to prepare for having a child! :) She was a good practice for him though. And I must say, she had him wrapped around her little finger just like the rest of us.

Overall we had a wonderful time visiting with family this past weekend. We also got to see some really good friends of ours that are living in Abilene. Blake finally got to see their super cute house! We'll actually be back in Abilene at the end of the month for a wedding that Blake is in and that I am photographing! Really looking forward to that weekend!

This weekend has been a nice and productive, but relaxing weekend. I was able to deep clean my apartment for the first time in a very very long time. I mean I've kept it clean, but this was a serious clean. Like cleaning baseboards, fan blades and inside the oven. Yep....that's a deep clean. It feels good though.

I also got in the mail an order for new felt colors that I've been anxiously waiting for!! So I've been busy with some new designs. The couple of new designs I've made are on my etsy shop. Here's a few pics of the new ones:

All of the styles are $8 and can be found on my etsy shop. You can choose between stretchy or hard headbands.

That's it for now! I'll try to get better on keeping you informed of the Penfield happenings! :)

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