Wednesday, August 3, 2011

Buy a Quilt Block for Esther

If you read my sister's blog you might have read her story about a little girl name Esther that she met in Uganda. She met her for the first time 2 years ago on her first trip to Uganda. She was a tiny little girl with a big beautiful smile. Back in June when Lexie returned to Uganda she was surprised to find Esther still at the orphanage. At first she wasn't the same cheerful little girl that she remembered. Years in the orphanage had changed sweet Esther's cheerful nature. After a while Lexie was finally able to see her smile and saw that glimmer of the Esther she knew.

When she returned home she was on a mission to find a family for sweet Esther. By God's amazing plan and provision she found them! So now it's our turn to step up and fight for Esther and help bring her home. Let's help the Stonebrook family raise the funds needed to adopt her.

Buy a quilt block for $10. All proceeds will go to the Stonebrook family adoption fund. I will then sew a quilt with all the blocks that I will send to sweet Esther and her family. To buy a block you can either send a check to me or click on the donate button the right column and pay by credit card or pay pal.

Thank you in advance for all donations. God has a great plan for Esther and her new family. Let's help bring her home!

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love said...

LOVE this beyond words!

thank you for helping to bring esther home!