Wednesday, February 2, 2011

Baby Shoes and a Skirt

Let me start this post by first giving this disclaimer: we are NOT pregnant. Let me repeat myself (for those of you who skipped over the word NOT)....we are NOT pregnant. Just want to make that clear. I know many of you out there would see that I'm making things for a baby and your wondering brains would go straight to our future babies. :) That's kind of you to think of them, but that's not who these shoes are for!

The shoes are for my baby sister, Annie! :) They are actually a sort of Valentine's surprise for her. So don't tell her! :) I bought the pattern what I thought was a few months ago. Until today I noticed the purchase date was actually on Valentines day one year ago. I didn't know who I was buying the pattern for, but little did I know a precious little girl would be entering all of our lives. I am so happy that she's the first person I've made them for!

I also made a skirt for my other sister Karleigh Mei as a Valentine's surprise for her! It's basically just a reverse applique skirt out of an adult t-shirt. It was like the easiest thing I've ever made! :)

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