Saturday, July 18, 2009


Well we are married! haha sorry it took me so long to post about all this. It's actually been three weeks ago today that we got married! Crazy how time flies. The last three weeks have been crazy. I am going to do a separate blog for each of the three weeks and then when I receive my wedding pics back from the photographer I will post those. The week directly after the wedding we were on our honeymoon, which was wonderful.

For those of you who didn't know we went on a cruise out of New York City up to Canada. We stopped in St. Johns, New Brunswick and Halifax, Nova Scotia. It was beautiful in both places and stayed in the 60's so it was nice to get away from hot Texas weather. When we docked back in NY at the end of the trip we spent that day in NY, which was the fourth of July. It was cool because we got to see the fireworks! Here's some of my favorite pics from our trip:

As you can see we did a lot of fun things. In both places that we stopped in Canada we went on what the ship called "excursions". They were coordinated and put together by the ship and it just made it super easy to get around and plan your day on land. In New Brunswick we went to the little fishing village of St. Martins and had some yummy seafood chowder and walked into sea caves while the tide was low. In Nova Scotia we took a boat out into the harbor of Halifax and saw lighthouses and pulled up a lobster trap. They they took us back to a restaurant where we learned out how to crack and eat a whole lobster. It was messy and fun.

While in New York we had a cab drop us off in Times Square and we just walked around all day seeing famous sights like: NBC studios, times square, central park, FAO Schwartz, Toys 'R Us, Empire State building, etc. Then in the afternoon after being super super tired of walking we went to the movies and saw Public Enemies. Finally in the evening we got dinner from a hot dog vendor and sat and watched the fireworks. It was so wonderful!

Well that's about all for post: Moving to Waco!

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kara said...

that all looks so fun katie! see you in a few days!! :)