Tuesday, May 19, 2009

Our Apartment

So first off I missed day 40....it was yesterday, but that means we are now 39 days away from the wedding!! hooray!!

This past weekend we traveled up to Waco and spent a couple of days up there looking for apartments and visiting the law school. The law school visit was very cool. It was so pretty and we got some really good information and little better understanding of what it will be like for Blake. I really appreciated the hospitality that they showed even me. It sounds like Blake is really going to have a hard but rewarding and awesome experience there.

We also picked the apartment that we will be living in and signed the lease!! Pretty exciting!! We didn't get to look at the exact one that we will be living in, but we did get to see one that is the exact same layout. What's cool about ours is that the lady that owns it is going to replace the carpeting possibly with vinal wood plank flooring if it's not too expensive. But for sure will replace it with new carpet if not. She is also going to replace the linoleum in the kitchen and bathrooms and is going to repaint the whole apartment a short of light brown/cream color. Our lease beings July 1 and we will be moving in after we get back from our honeymoon!

Here's some pics of the one we viewed that will be very similar to ours:

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TanyaMarie said...

Katie, Im soooo excited for you and VERY gratefull that you keep us "post"ed!!! Love the purples in there!!!
If God wills, we will be there!

We love you dear!

Aunt Tanya