Friday, May 8, 2009

50 days

In 50 days
our love we will seal
and I will then be
Mrs. Penfield

Crazy!!!! I can hardly believe that we are that close to our wedding. I know this is cliché but it seems like just yesterday I was writing my little "poem" about 101 days! Ok this is kinda tricky to understand 100 days I was 50 days from graduating and from graduating I was 50 days from getting married. Yes I know...I'm crazy. :)

But what a wonderful time of our lives this is. When I woke up this morning I had nothing to do so I just laid in bed for a little while thinking. I was thinking about what a blessing it is that Blake and I went to the same college and that we are both graduating together tomorrow. What great memories we've made. I was also thinking about how amazing it is that both of our families live in SA and we will be able to be near each other for the beginning of the summer before our wedding. Those are just a few of our blessings for I can't count them all. I praise the Lord for everything he has done in our lives. For it is only because of him that we are at this 50 day mark graduating the very next day!

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