Saturday, April 17, 2010

busy, busy, busy

We have had the craziest past month and still have another crazy month ahead of us! About a month ago on March 20 we were down in Kerrville, Texas for our good friend's Seth and Jennifer's wedding. Nothing is cooler than seeing friends that you grew up with get married. Blake and I were both in the wedding and it was just absolutely awesome experience. I thought I'd be fine and not cry, but before Jennifer could even get down the aisle I lost it! :)

Two weeks after the wedding we headed down to San Antonio for Easter. This year we spent easter with my (Katie's) family and had a wonderful time. It was a nice three day weekend! I even got to take some photos of my siblings while I was there, which is always fun for me!

The week before Easter Blake's grandfather was in the hospital because he was developing some fluid on his lungs. We were able to visit him at the hospital on Good Friday. He's out now and has gained a pacemaker through the whole ordeal. We talked with him just a few days ago and he seems to be doing really well. Right after that on Easter Sunday my grandfather was admitted to the hospital unexpectedly with a hernia in his colon. He was able to have surgery the Monday after Easter. He spent about a week in the hospital and is still recovering and healing from all that. I was able to travel to San Angelo this past weekend to visit my grandparents. It was really good to see them and spend some time with them.

This weekend we are resting the Waco, but have a full couple of weeks ahead of us. Next weekend I will be traveling to Abilene for some photo shoots while Blake stays in Waco and begins his finals for this quarter. The following weekend, after Blake is finished with finals, we will be traveling up to the DFW area to celebrate my cousin, Ella's, first birthday! Then the next two weekends we will be in San Antonio for a friend's wedding and then Blake's sisters graduation! So as you can see we are going to be busy!!

What an exciting time of year though! When I think back a year ago, Blake and I were about to graduate from ACU and were about 2 months away from our wedding. Hard to believe how time flies! What an amazing amount of things the Lord has done in our lives!

Finally the last bit of news in the Penfield house is that I got my hair cut. And when I say cut, I mean CUT! :) Here's some pics:

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