Wednesday, February 17, 2010

my wonderful husband

Well we had a really great weekend just relaxing at home and a really wonderful Valentines day. We both kind of considered it our first valentines day in a way. You see, before we got married our "anniversary" was on Feb. 6. So we always kind of combined our celebration and gift-giving of valentines day and our anniversary. This year we will be celebrating our new anniversary on June 27 so it left Valentines day to be celebrated all on it's own on Feb. 14!

In the morning while getting ready to go to church Blake presented me first with a beautiful card that included a super sweet message to me. He talked about in the message how he is so blessed and happy that we are now a family, just me and him, our own little family. It was so sweet and thoughtful and of course brought lots of tears to me eyes. He then gave me a beautiful necklace that is a sterling silver chain with a round pendant that has a tree in the middle with each branch ending in a little heart. A little card was attached to the necklace that described how the tree represented family and around the edge of the pendant it says, "A family's love is natures masterpiece." It is sooooo cool!

I was of course blown away by his thoughtfulness and carefully thought out gift. What an amazing man I am married to! And as if that wasn't enough he also got me a super cute green zipper/hoodie jacket! He did awesome! My gift to him was not as exciting, but given with as much love! :) I got him a new leather Fossil wallet! Something that was much needed since his old one was ripping.

So after gift giving we headed off to church and then stopped off at Panera for lunch, which was soooo yummy! Then we just hung around the apartment, watched the Olympics and relaxed all afternoon until the evening when we went to Texas Roadhouse for a super yummy dinner!! All in all it was a wonderful day! Although I have to admit that every day with my Blake is a wonderful day! :)

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