Saturday, December 12, 2009


So I am sure EVERYONE has seen or heard the news about Tiger Woods and the unfortunate mistakes he has made. Like everyone else I was surprised at first. Of course he just isn't the person that you expect to hear those kind of gossipy headlines about. But the more and more this has built up and the more that has been revealed, has made me become more and more sad. Not for Tiger Woods, but for the world we live in.

In this situation I can see so very clearly the pedestal that we put our so called "leaders" upon. It is interesting because at what point do sports stars and celebrity's become "leaders". They never ran for the position and got voted in. They never intentionally stepped up to the role and promised to guide us. Based on their own talents, hard work and determination they simply became the icons we know them as today. And they became these icons because of you and me and everyone in the world who turned on the TV to watch them play or act. Who bought the clothes and items that they were advertising for sponsorship. Those who believed that they were truly the greatest at what they did.

And in the same craze and unbelievably quick admiration and obsession that we create those "leaders" in, we also tear down and reject those "leaders" when they mess up. Now I am not saying that I agree with what Tiger did. And I also believe that when sports stars and celebrity's take on this role that we give them, they should strive to be good role models for the weak minded that obsess over them.

But what I am trying to get across is the very reason that we even found out about his mess ups and the very reason why we even care. It is because of this pedestal that we have put him upon and in turn expected him to be perfect. I have heard all the recounts of when Jesus was on earth and how he did not have a very good reputation among the unbelievers. They didn't "worship" him as we do celebrity's today. They didn't put him on a pedestal and expect him to be perfect. What a shame. For once the world would have chosen a leader who they could worship, put on a pedestal and to their amazement would remain perfect forever.

Unfortunately, we will never choose any one person to be a leader and see a life that is perfect and worthy to be copied. And unfortunately for Tiger, we will never see society fully forgive him and place back in the position he once was. That has been tarnished forever. I pray for him and his family. I pray that he sees the wrong he has done, repents and more than anything is forgiven by those who love him. That more than any of his fame, glory and golfing abilities is what is important.

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