Sunday, August 30, 2009

we've got crickets

So on a little lighter note, but still just as serious :)......we've got crickets. And when I say that I mean we HAVE GOT crickets. haha

We are having a ridiculous cricket infestation in our apartment. Every night they sing us to sleep in their "beautiful" shrill type of song. And it doesn't matter where you are sitting you will generally find a cricket on your shoulder after about 5 minutes. So basically if you don't like crickets, don't come to our house. :)

Every morning we wake up we find a couple floating in our toilet. However, yesterday we found quite a few more...

The pest control person is coming on Tuesday so I am praying that will help!


houston and kara said...

ohhh katie i dont think we can come to visit anymore! i seem to find our schedule booked to the rim! ;)

but seriously -- ew! hopefully that gets fixed FAST

Jenn said...

Grrrrrossss! It reminds me of your first year at ACU.

Love you!